"..a bardy view!"

In the beginning was the word….and the word was fidelity!

In the beginning was the word and it was delivered with verbal fidelity. This was the method of communication for the greatest part of human existence. Early man would paint on caves, and later civilizations would carve meticulously on walls. Later papyrus would be utilized, which would lead to parchment, waxed tablets, and eventually the printing press.

This would lead to the advent of books, newspapers and magazines. Eventually, a postal service was created, and communication suddenly went rampant. Indeed, the post office would deliver mail several times a day. In the UK it was a most thorough service, which became even better with the advance of steam railway.

Later the telegraph appeared, which was the first instant messenger service. A message could be electronically transmitted down a line, in coded form, copied instantaneously and dispatched immediately – the telegram had arrived.

Soon after the telephone  arrived – a bakelite device which could connect from a home to a local exchange, and via trunk calls could connect to another home or office.

Later a cable could lay across the Atlantic ocean to connect overseas. Most of this happened in the 19th century, but it's not my job to educate you – just look it up on the internet.

By the mid 20th century satellites were in orbit around the earth, bouncing and relaying communication globally.

By the 20th century the micro chip was developed, telephones got smaller and more mobile, which heralded the age of cordless telephones, cellular mobile phones, fibre optic wiring, the internet, broadband and Wifi otherwise known as wireless fidelity.

Yes, it's that word again, and in the beginning was the word, and the word was fidelity. (Go on – admit that was a clever full circle!)

In the past it meant faithfulness to obligation, duties or observances. Today it means the degree to which an electronic system accurately reproduces the sound or image of its input signal. Things are getting really boring. (hic!)

Onward technology moves on, and at the dawn of the 21st century electronic mail takes precedence. email is king – paper free.  Instant letters to all and sundry. The internet came of age – electronic transactions, online banking, online shopping, online insurance, online medical advice, online holidays, online education, online lives. Virtual lives, the Internet is in every home, office, business, school and university. But wait! Email is dying. Social network sites have replaced it. Fidelity is lost. At the dawn of the new decade beginning with 2011, the world communicates on instant messaging, and ruled by three kings, facebook, twitter and Google.

Social networking is the new communication phenomena. Yet they are upstarts in a brave new world.

At this moment the Voyager I spacecraft is hurtling toward interstellar space, 11 billion miles from the sun and about to escape the solar system – that place which the Earth calls home. It's been on the voyage for 33 years.

Not a single tweet will it broadcast, not a single IM message will it send. It is off into space, and future generations may look upon it in awe, and wonder why mankind preferred to devote their lives to facebook? (hic! bugger! hic!)


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  1. I guess in the end it just takes all types. There was a time, not so long ago, when certain sections of society were bleating that the space programme was a needless waste of money and instead should be used (the money that is) on improving their lot. Funnily enough, they are now grateful for their cellular phones et al and wouldn’t want to change it at all?
    For me, what this boils down to, is, follow the brains, they are the only ones who can make your life easier and better for you. Yet people still refuse to believe it? What else can I say?


    Comment by Spook Moor | January 23, 2011 | Reply

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