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Nuns the Word….

With potential chaos embracing north Africa, and uprising in Tunisia and Egypt, which may create a domino effect of unrest and regime change throughout the geo-political region, the industrious Filipinos are as keen as ever to get in the thick of it and they will go to any measure. Six women have been caught at Manila's airport disguised as nuns attempting to sneak into Lebanon.

A travel ban is in place for Filipinos travelling to work in certain countries which have questionable security or limited legal protection for labourers, so this intrepid sextet pretended to be going to Hong Kong for a religious seminar.

Unfortunately one wasn't told that wearing red shoes and carrying a colourful handbag might give the game away. If there is one place in the world where a profusion of nuns with modest habits are a common sight it is the Philippines. So how this particular nun wannabe blew her cover with such dramatic effect is astonishing. Some unscrupulous agent illegally recruited them, no doubt pocketing thousands of dollars in the process, and one would have thought that he could have splashed out a modicum fee for some conservative footwear to ease their passage.

What is it with shoes and the Philippines? This nation is synonymous with them ever since the discovery that half the Malacañan Palace was awash with them to satisfy Imelda Marcos's dainty foot fetish!

Still its reassuring that the security forces are vigilant, even if it's for something as innocent as a fashion conscious nun!

Although I admire their enterprise, courage and fortitude, they have been exploited and have no doubt lost a lot of money to a dastardly bottom feeder. It also highlights the desperation of many to try and seek employment overseas to improve their lot.

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW's) send billions of dollars back to the Philippines in remittances. They are a bedrock of the economy. Many are doing menial jobs, suffering shocking conditions, and are very badly treated – particularly in countries of the Middle East. All do so in an attempt to provide for the families they leave behind.

Whilst it is true many are fueling a property boom with their hard-worked earnings, such perceived wealth comes at a price, if not in sweat and exhaustion but also in the social fabric of a nation where the nuclear and extended family is the heart. Many are away from their loved ones for years on end. The social consequences of this are both emotionally and physically draining. It sends messages that the only way to prosper is to leave your homeland and graft for somebody else, somewhere else.

We may find amusement at our errant nun, but the reality is that she is a victim in a very sad state of affairs. She represents a country which expects her to shed a tear every day for the benefit of her nation.

Not really very funny after all – is it?


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  1. No, sounds like the history of Ireland? Although I will say we have many Filipino nurses working here and it is a very good job. Sadly I haven’t noticed their foot wear but it certainly isn’t a pair of high heel shoes, not in the hospital any way.


    Comment by Spook Moor | January 29, 2011 | Reply

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