"..a bardy view!"

Pickled Councils…..

Eric Pickles is the UK Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government. zzzzz!

I've lost you already – any reference to local authorities will cause instant somnambulance.

Sorry about that. Ericpickles Please wake up!

But Eric is under fire for being the nemesis of local government.

He is a rather rotund, jolly looking chap who you would be happy to introduce to your kids as a comforting uncle.

In an age of image, where government ministers or any members of parliament are conscious of their appearance – Uncle Eric is a breath of fresh air.

Eric hides a ruthless streak. The sort of bloke who will ruffle your hair affably and kick you in the goolies at the same time. His government has had to drastically reduce funds to local authorities, and as a consequence they have to make cuts. Cuts which will result in the loss of Libraries, swimming pools, community centres, public conveniences, etc.

Eric argues, as any sensible person would, that sound financial management can keep essential services open by cutting down on waste.

Waste also includes people. Labour and Lib-Dem councils are up in arms. Manchester council, for example, one of the richest in the country, has said that they will close all their libraries and only keep one public toilet open.

Apparently they are so tight that even a turd cant squeeze out. Of course this is political propaganda. A Labour council has seen its rattle thrown out of the pram, and the baby behaves petulantly. Still, this is to be expected.

Local councillors have visions of grandeur, are generally politically motivated, and strut like peacocks without tails. Such individuals can be found everywhere – some are wise, some are genuine, but most are pretentious prats with visions of self-importance. Many are ignorant. They survive through the dormant apathy of their constituents.

Its time to take them to account. Labour councils for the past thirteen years have received money in abundance and spent it with impunity, They created a plethora of non-jobs, gave them ridiculous salaries, spent money like water and have adopted postures which the old USSR would have envied and China emulates.

They can be more financially responsible. They can cut waste and keep essential services open, they can get rid of their managers and executive officers, directors and assistant departmental assistants second time removed.

They can manage resources with common sense, they can take control of their spending, control their budgets and take back the outsourcing contracts which they pay private companies for, they can grasp the nettle and stop being held to ransom by upstart union officials.

Any council which says they can't afford to keep a library open is a despot dictatorship and clearly doesn't give a shit about its community. They don't like their fiscal scrutiny, therefore they should be held to account and be dispatched if they are found wanting.

It reminds me of a song by Lindisfarne: All Fall Down:



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