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“The King’s Speech” – Listen up!

A whispering campaign to undermine "The King's Speech" is high apace in Hollywood. Suggesting that George VI was anti-Semitic and a Nazi appeaser. Georgepublic

I thought the Academy Awards was recognition of artistic merit ie acting, direction and design.

A recognition of an industry and the skills it envelops.

The suggestion that an Oscar can be influenced because the subject matter may be distasteful is insulting to those who are responsible for casting votes on the gong.

The Academy Awards selection panel (according to insiders), have traditionally shown support for Jewish causes and favour movies about fighting Nazis. If this was a criteria then it would severely limit artistic license and produce a plethora of films about the subject on the basis that they would all be Oscar contenders. This notion is preposterous, and makes a mockery of the awards. Nevertheless, everyone loves a conspiracy theory, and mischievous writers like nothing more than to promote controversy.

Phrases such as the divine right of kings are bandied about by critics and academics who really should know better. They imply that George VI could influence his government's ministerial appointments, and adopt an international policy outside parliament. Anti-royalists hark to Germanic family connections – a legacy from the Hanoverians of the 18th Century, and the marriage between Queen Victoria and Albert of Saxe-Coburg.

There are rumours that incendiary documents proving George VI's sympathies with Hitler are kept in chests at Windsor Castle – locked in secret, never to be disclosed.

Rumours and conjecture. There are even rumours that George wanted to remove Churchill because he was too intransigent and aggressive. Clearly, if this information was true, it would put a whole new light on the public perception of a loved monarch. A King who could have left London during the Blitz, but chose to stay to show empathy with his subjects. It could have significant ramifications to how we view the events of WWII and even how we regard the Royal Family today. Not good considering a royal wedding is fast approaching.

It's even been suggested that he wanted to knock the royal heads of Europe together to prevent this war, or at least stop Hitler from invading Britain and direct his attention more to Russia. The royal heads of Europe? This was the 20th century! Who are these writers who are allowed such pathetic exposure? Christopher Hitchens for one, in company with fellow republican voices who seem to have carte blanche column space in the US media.

Republican commentators and their core readers love this stuff. They present arguments based on information based on ambiguous records and tailor them to their own beliefs. They hope to fuel discontent on the less informed. They can be invasive and destructive in their mission.

There is another point to all this. Let us suppose that George VI was exploring possibilities of peacekeeping. Let us suppose that he believed that his inter-related royal connections could prevent conflict? This was no different a viewpoint than that which his Great Grandmother Victoria held.

She believed that inter-European marriage would ensure peace. George would have seen the folly of that, because he saw what happened during 1914 – 1918. Even Victoria expressed significant concern about the imperial designs of her grandson Wilhelm of Prussia, a noted anti-Brit – yet a product of her eldest daughter. Astonishingly he was sixth in line to the throne. Withered with a disabled arm, and bitter, he resented his English mother and more so his Grandmother Victoria. Would a movie about him be acceptable today? Why not? It could be about how he overcame his disability, not about his political machinations. After all "The King's Speech" is about overcoming a speech impediment, not about his politics.

By the time George did become king, he would have had memories and influences of Victorian and Edwardian Britain.

And lets remember one other thing, George VI never wanted to be King, nor never believed he would be. He had an elder brother, a brother which gave up his throne for the love of a woman. It may sound romantic, but Victoria would be turning in her grave at that knowledge, because to her, duty – above all – took precedence.

George VI was a monarch during the greatest threat his country ever faced. Just because he had a German ancestry did not mean he was not English through and through. George

So give him some slack. His daughter (the child in the picture) is on the British throne now, and has been exceptional and done her duty for almost 60 years.

Would anyone question her commitment? She lost a father, a mother, a sister and a daughter-in-law. She has weathered change in an age of rampant change.

Not once did she retreat, not once has she been found wanting. It is a measure of her duty which holds her heart with the majority of her people.

"The King's Speech" has given the world an opportunity to appreciate her. Don't let killjoys destroy this legacy.

Facts have nothing to do with Hollywood, a dream factory which plays with history at its convenience.

"The King's Speech" is not a Hollywood production.

It is not a 3D "Avatar" created with CG technology. It is a story, acted by real people, who believed in its merit, and was, fundamentally an opportunity to display their craft.

Lets hope the great and the good of Hollywood recognise that and that alone, and judge the movie purely on the exceptional qualities which it exudes with abundance.


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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. I was brought up in Rhodesia and had a domestic black gardener who saw King George when he made a State visit to open the Houses of Parliament. It was the highlight of his life, a great character and he was forever telling us as children that he saw, King Jojo. Bring back those days as far as I’m concerned.


    Comment by Spook Moor | February 20, 2011 | Reply

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