"..a bardy view!"

The Walking Dead…It’s OK…they’re stateside!

The Walking Dead is a new US drama series currently showing on the UK’s Channel 5.

With a slight nod to The Day of the Triffids, a cop wakes up in hospital to an apocalyptic world overrun by zombies. Whilst he was in a coma, most of the populace have been infected by a disease which has effectively turned everyone into walking dead people with a penchant for eating fresh flesh.

They don’t eat each other, because they have a sensitive sense of smell and steer clear of putrid meat. Very sensible in my opinion, after all, who knows what nasty bacteria they could pick up, and as there are no doctors left, they would probably get quite ill. What could be worse than a sick zombie?

So they wander around aimlessly, unwashed, muttering grunts and groans, covered in torn clothes splattered with blood and guts, and generally behave very aggressively. It’s just like Manchester on a Saturday night after the pubs have closed. Although in this case it is Atlanta. I’ve never been to Georgia, and quite frankly I’m not likely to after this.

Fortunately there are some people who have not been infected, which is good news for the zombies because they can look forward to a decent fresh meal now and again. Unfortunately their table manners are quite atrocious and any decent zombie should be horrified at participating in such a gory meat-fest, but again, after a few pints they probably lose their inhibitions just as any drunk does when consuming a doner kebab.

Our intrepid heroes (the sober ones) spend most of their time getting into situations which they should be avoiding. After all, if you are surrounded by a bunch of drunken yobs, it would make sense to keep a reasonable distance. How much more so if those yobs were actually flesh eating monsters who will tear you apart?

Common sense has escaped these “normal” folk, but considering they suddenly discovered a world invaded by adolescent screenplays written by equally gormless writers, perhaps we can forgive them.

I quite like zombies. They exist en masse, without a care in the world, have no conscious thought but act on instinct, make a nuisance of themselves without worrying about the consequences, eat anything as long as it’s meat, can take a salvo of bullets without complaining, and still get up and carry on in the comforting knowledge that they are Americans.

How is it, I ask myself, can the survivors manage to arm themselves with an arsenal greater than North Korea, have access to fuel to drive their 4×4s and luxury RV’s, and instead of driving off to the coast and commandeering ships to sail away to somewhere sensible, they would rather just fart around blowing the brains out of the undead?

The Walking Dead is an excuse for extreme violence, and fuels the gun culture of the US, but because the victims who are gunned down with relish are already dead – it’s perfectly OK. Right?

It could be argued that this is nothing more than an insidious attempt at introducing the carefree violence of computer games into mainstream television.

Maybe the game is already out there, in which case the couch zombie is alive and well.



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  1. If people watch this then they are indeed better people than I am. In all seriousness, isn’t it a symptom of where we have all gone wrong in the world? I don’t watch much TV and if this is the sort of stuff on offer, then I’m glad I don’t? I did however, use to play a few computer games with my kids, but thankfully this was also a long time ago.


    Comment by Spook Moor | April 21, 2011 | Reply

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