"..a bardy view!"

Wedding fever……

In recent weeks people could be forgiven for thinking that the royal wedding between Prince William and Catherine (Kate) Middleton was failing to generate national fervour. This snowball rolled slowly to gather mass, and many foreign correspondents observed a distinct lack of enthusiasm amongst the British.

What they failed to comprehend was the cultural psyche of a nation which has a tendency to adopt reserve. Contrary to the impression that they are attention seekers as evident on reality tv shows and the behaviour of some to expose their butts in holiday resorts like Southern Spain and Thailand, and generally being literal pains in the arse for the locals, the majority don't wear their pride on their sleeve.

Indeed, such is the phenomena of health and safety, the Prime Minister made a point of saying that people should go out and celebrate with street parties and not fear killjoy councils who may be too exuberant in exercising local by-laws. Thirty years ago when Charles and Diana got hitched, such considerations where a non-issue.

Perhaps it is was the culture of insidious state control, and the thousands of new laws which the previous Labour government implemented over thirteen years, which stifled the people and in essence made them brow-beaten.

The willingness was there, but for some reason indigenous cultural celebration became dirty words. It is for this reason, even for those who are indifferent about this royal wedding or opposed to the institution of monarchy, that we should be celebrating. We have been freed from our shackles. The yoke of socialist despair and misery is on the back foot, and for all our financial troubles and economic cuts, April 29th is a day to stand up, shout and wave the Union Jack.

Stirring stuff. But this wedding is unique because thanks to the internet it will be viewed globally by more than 2 billion people. This level of advertising is priceless, and no other city in the world could hope for such exposure.

So let us celebrate the pomp and circumstance, and hope that the event comes off with military precision. It's a huge logistical task, and a showcase for everything that Great Britain has got to give. To say that this is the right place at the right time would be an understatement, and as a trial run for the Olympic Games it is an opportunity that every previous Olympic host city would have sacrificed several gold medals for.

The eyes of the world will be on London this Friday. So let the anarchists, terrorists and religious extremists spout their bilious vile and threats of disruption. And whilst they do that, perhaps they may consider the freedom of living in a country which permits them to do so.

For once, just once, let the people enjoy their day, and allow the world to know who the British really are.


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