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A Flashman in Number 10? Fun at last!

Flashman As an ardent fan of the Flashman Papers (and what free thinking non-pc reader couldn't be?) I was surprised to learn that the Labour opposition have nicknamed the UK Prime Minister "Flashman".

What we don't know is whether they refer to the fag-beating cowardly bully of "Tom Brown's Schooldays" or George Macdonald Fraser's reinvention of Harry as a lovable womanising, unscrupulous bounder and downright heartless villain.

As Quentin Letts, the Daily Mail's parliamentary sketch writer has commented, he suspects it's the latter, and far from being an insult, it may rebound on them and give David Cameron a kudos akin to Margaret Thatcher's "Iron Lady" badge, which was originally intended as an insult from the Russians.

I haven't been writing politically on this blog for many months because I'm still euphoric that the old new-labour government was finally dispatched to the opposition benches in the House of Commons. Also, twelve months is still too early in my book to complain about the new kids on the block. For gawd's sake give them a chance, we've just come out of 13 years of misery and incompetence.

As for the Lib-Dems, the other coalition partner, it comes as no surprise that they are the juniors in this relationship, and they are still shell-shocked that they are actually in government. The liberal following are now complaining about the ineffectuality of their leader Nick Clegg, without whose performance during the TV debates a year ago, would not have taken votes from the tories denying Flashman an overall majority. They could have joined Labour, but that would have looked like a stitch up and the country would not have stood for it.

The other alternative was for the Tories to govern by minority, effectively stifled, and making compromises until a new election could be held five months later, when they would hope to gain a majority. That may well have been the better idea in hindsight, especially as the Labour Party was in disarray, and more concerned about throwing out old baggage for new.

So now the Lib-Dems are in power and they are still moaning. They try to punch above their weight, but in essence they are nothing more than a bunch of hypocrites, and as Jose Rizal, the Philippines national hero, once remarked 120 years ago, hypocrisy is a social cancer "noli me tangere", and the Lib-dems are superb exponents of it. (I always try to have a Philippine perspective – although I admit he wasn't referring to the Liberals at the time, even though they have been around just as long!)

All I can say is that if David Cameron is Flashman then Ed Milliband is the pious, misguided and obnoxious Rugby School headteacher Dr Arnold, and  Nick Clegg is non other than Tom (nice but dim) Brown. I know which one gets my vote!


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  1. I well remember Flashman’s dearly beloved, pious father in law and Scots skinflint, old Morrison trying to get old Flashy to take a seat in parliament. Flash was intrigued with the idea and told the ‘old boy’ he might need some training. Morrison scoffed at this idea saying: “I could teach a pug ape frae the zoological gardens to be a member of parliament in this country”.
    I see nothing has changed in all this time? Sadly dear old Flash was soon sent off in a slaver as punishment for trying to ‘trot’ some Duchess or whatever. Now there was a crackling read? Lib-Dems, should avoid reading this to keep their souls, clean and pure? At all costs.


    Comment by Spook Moor | May 13, 2011 | Reply

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