"..a bardy view!"

George Galloway – A Bardy Guy!

Gg A few years ago whilst travelling around the UK as part of my job, there was a period when I would often get mistaken for George Galloway – three times in one week during a visit to Cornwall.

We both had more hair then, and neither of us had a beard.

So I contacted George (then a Respect MP for a London constituency – not mine I hasten to add) and expressed my concern about this.

Indeed, I suggested that he should give me one of his cigars to compensate me for the distress I was experiencing.

After all, he had a controversial reputation due to his outspoken attacks on the then Labour Government's policies, which led to his expulsion from the party in 2003, and he certainly wasn't a favourite of the establishment.

His reply was classic and endeared me to him, even though I don't always agree with his point of view (which is often) "So you're the reason I'm always in trouble!" he joked.

A couple of weeks later, in the post, arrived a signed photo and a copy of his latest book "I'm Not the Only One" inscribed with a humorous ditty. (I must get around to finishing that book one day.)

Outspoken, opinionated, controversial, articulate, fearless, but above all convicted. That's George!

In 2005 He stood up to a US Senate committee on Iraq and wiped the floor with them. 

Agree or disagree with him, love or loathe him, he has to be admired for that. He walked into the lions den – and ate the lions!

There are few in politics today who are as courageous, and there are even fewer who stand up for what they believe in.

I've recently discovered his website and it's a great read and he doesn't pull any punches. It's too bad he's no longer in Westminster (but you never know what the future holds), because that place is sorely lacking someone like him.

As for me, well I don't get mistaken for him anymore (which we are no doubt both grateful for) although we definitely have two things in common: an excuse for a beard and a receding hairline!

George Galloway – he's a bardy guy!


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  1. Perish the thought.


    Comment by Spook Moor | June 21, 2011 | Reply

  2. Getting misguided had a adverse effect on your hair it seems…LOL….kidding.. Any ways I loved the journey of your excitement.


    Comment by wordpress developers for hire | June 25, 2011 | Reply

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