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Slowly, Slowly – the Chinese are Roving…..

Rover The Chinese. Don't we love 'em! The big noodle and Shakespeare lover (hope he understands dramatic tragedy) Premier Wen Jaibao, is in Britain right now bestowing the virtues of the Longridge MG plant.

That place which once produced Rover cars – went belly up – and whose marque was sold to the great Chinese take-away at a bargain bucket price. But this is not about finger-lickin' chicken (which incidently the UK is keen to export). It's a fowl  business!

The Chinese understand that economically they are having a negative impact globally. They need more imports. Cue the Brits, who export more to Ireland than the People's Republic. Hard to believe when one considers the difference in Population numbers.

So Longridge will design the new generation of Chinese autos, the parts will be made in China by the Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (one of the world's biggest car makers), and returned to England for assembly. If that makes economic sense then I'm a Chinaman.

How many people are going to buy all these new Chinese cars from a country that traditionally has a reputation for mass produced inferior quality goods, is yet to be determined. After all – they are not Honda ,Toyota or Mitsubishi. But they'll probably be cheap and cheerful.

Perhaps the slogan "Designed and Built in Britain" may be the unique selling point. They won't advertise the fact that  the parts will be made in China, which is a bit like an Airfix model kit being sent overseas boxed and ready to be stuck together (with something more than plastic adhesive one hopes).

How many jobs will this create, and what value will the marque have? Rover surely wont be apart of it, but MG will. Which may appeal to the traditionalists and nostalgic amongst us.

The Longridge plant is owned by China as well. So it's win win all the way. Until of course they decide to up sticks somewhere else. Which is the history of the British car industry, and governments have failed to prevent for the last four decades.

Of course it's all a clever propaganda ruse. There are sufficiently intelligent mandarins in the British Government to recognise it as such, but know that it will be politically expedient to fall for it. Jobs mean votes – until they are lost! But that's for the future. When that time comes the Government, whichever it may be, will pontificate about market forces, wax lyrical about private business outside their control and the unions will grandstand and fail.

China needs to reduce it's foreign trade surplus whilst at the same time buying up and controlling oil and aggregates, quarries and land in South America and Africa to ensure resources for it's population. Right now they are even making greater claims on the oil rich Spratly Islands in the West Philippines Sea. Much to the anger of the USA and the neighbours.

The Philippines are huffing and puffing, but they are helpless with their vintage navy, and are relying on the US as the big brother to kick the bullying Chinese back to Beijing.

There is a potential conflict here – but the Chinese are not quite ready for it. They are doing what they always do – slowly, slowly catchee monkey!

Meanwhile European Governments are embracing this new found rapport and trade opportunities with China, and will not voice a single criticism.

Criticism to a nation that wants to provide wealth and prosperity to her people, but without the freedoms. 

Keep the natives happy and they won't complain. Its the new communi$m.

It will end in tear$. Marque my words.


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  1. Patience is a virtue and the Chinese are masters at this. Of course they have been helped along the way by apathetic left wing politicos who were completely and utterly out manoeuvred. They are everywhere now and how to stop them is going to have frightening consequences? Just goes to show what the ability to think ahead can do. One should see what they are doing in my old homeland Zimbabwe. It’s frightening and oh, so sad. Perish the thought that this would ever happen in dear Old England? Well they have most of your old colonies (especially in Africa) and now they are going for the ‘master’?


    Comment by Spook Moor | July 5, 2011 | Reply

  2. I just sent this post to a bunch of my friends as I agree with most of what you’re saying here and the way you’ve presented it is awesome.


    Comment by Angeles City Pages | November 25, 2011 | Reply

  3. Many thanks for your comment. Most appreciated.


    Comment by Bar De Ness | December 30, 2011 | Reply

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