"..a bardy view!"

Cor blimey! Dick Van Dyke (on your bike!)

The news that the official Olympic ball used for the football tournaments in 2012 will be called the Albert, is according to Adidas, a homage to the 2012 Games being synonymous with the East End of London and its Cockney heritage. 

"The Albert" comes from the cockney rhyming slang for ball – ie "The Albert Hall".

Traditionally a cockney is someone born within the peal of the Bells of Bow, yet the Olympic Stadium is considerably outside those audible chimes – but whats a few facts when the world is watching?

I'm not quite sure how the rest of the UK will take the news, after all, they may be called the London Olympics, but this type of localised sentiment is unlikely to endear interest from the other bits outside the capital, and panders to those who feel ostracised from them.

Football fans in Newcastle, Liverpool and Manchester may be peeved that the name relates to the south where arch rivals Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur abide. And lets not forget Scotland and Wales, for surely it is their Olympics as well – at least I think it is.  Devolution hasn't totally separated them – yet!

Indeed I do believe that the UK team will be called Team GB and comprise players from all points of the venerable isles and played around the country.

Still, when our hopefuls kick the Albert around with their plates and knock it with their loaf, I hope the teapots will be proud and our chinas will rabbit merrily around the jack with the pig, when afterwards they'll wander home for their tommy before the dickory hits twelve!

Would you adam and eve it Mary Poppins?

Plates = plates of meat: feet. Loaf = loaf of bread: head. Teapots = teapot lids: kids. Chinas = china plates: mates. Rabbit = rabbit and pork: talk. Jack = jack tar: bar. Pigs = pigs ear: beer. Tommy = tommy tucker: supper. Dickory = hickory, dickory, dock: clock. Adam and Eve = believe.

The big question is: Why? Chim Chimanee! Apologies to all me ol' cockney chinas! If I have any left after this!



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  1. I had a laugh, just couldn’t help it but also understand what you are trying to get across but took me a while because of the ‘apple and pears’.


    Comment by Spook | July 27, 2011 | Reply

  2. So far, I managed to go though only some of posts you discuss here, but I find them very interesting and informative.


    Comment by weekend getaway Philippines | February 10, 2012 | Reply

  3. Thanks for your comment Alvin. I hope you will visit regularly.


    Comment by Bar De Ness | February 10, 2012 | Reply

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