"..a bardy view!"

The Three Stooges (Philippines style) – a “meme” aka: Internet phenomena

 The Philippines Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) were keen to demonstrate their hands-on approach after the damage caused by typhoon Pedring recently.

They posted this image on their facebook page and an observant civil engineer Pierre Albert San Diego thought there was something odd about it.

On closer inspection (something the DPWH pride themselves on) he concluded that this picture was a complete fabrication, created by the wonders of Adobe Photoshop.
Photoshop guys
Nothing knew in this of course, Chinese officials were caught out with similar pictures of them being in places when they weren't. It's all to do with propaganda, and it's alot easier to create the aspect of being there, without spending the money of actually being there.

We are not immune to this in the UK, and on more than one occasion, during election campaigns, parties have been found guilty of "dressing up" posters and magazines to tailor-make them to selective audiences.

Notably one Labour election poster of a crowd of supporters which they considered not diverse enough – so they doctored it with a few more ethnic faces. If it wasn't Labour then it was the Tories, but in any event it happened. A bit of fuss and hoo ha, and all is forgot.

Not so with the Chinese chaps, who subsequently found themselves photoshopped on the moon and inspecting roads during the jurassic period.

The same thing has now happened with officials from DPWH and Filipinos are having a jolly time taking the mick out of them. 

It's even been highlighted in the Washington Post.

The three hapless civil servants have been photographed with the largest crocodile ever captured alive; they have been seen in the ring of  Manny Pacquiao's last fight; on Boracay beach assessing the stability of sand-castles; pondering knee-deep in flood water whilst mayhem ensues behind them and standing by the iconic zebra crossing in Abbey Road, whilst the Beatles cross it, as well as discussing the merits of Hogwarts while Voldermort casts his wily spells. (examples here)

They were present at the White House during the attack on Bin Laden, and seen rather familiar with Miss Philippines Shamcey Supsup. 

They even made it to the Last Supper, where they appear to discuss the health and safety aspects of the table occupied by Jesus and his disciples. Last supper

Daring indeed, but for all the ills which beset the Philippines and their people, it cannot be denied that they have a sense of humour, and they love having a go at their officials.

They are more tech-savvy than any other country, and the internet is their playground.

If democracy is alive and well in the Philippines then this is a great demonstration.






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