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February 3rd – a Bardiness day…..


Mar2010 006

February 3rd is not a date noted for major events in history, although the Dutch may disagree.

Windmills were forbidden for export by them in 1752, and they lost their Caribbean island of St Eustatia to the British in 1781.

Of course there were many great achievements by Holland, but I'm talking about events specific to February 3rd, and besides, I needed an excuse to show my favourite photograph of Amsterdam (right).

Moving on… February 3rd 1783, Spain recognised US independence, and in 1807 the British captured Montevideo from Spain.

In 1815 the first commercial cheese factory was established in Switzerland, and in 1860 Thomas Clemson became the first US superintendent of agriculture (yawn. Wake up! This is going somewhere!) 

In I887 the circus showman Barnum purchased his world famous elephant – Jumbo. In 1916 Canada's original parliament building in Ottawa burnt down, and in 1919 the League of Nations held their first meeting in Paris. 

On a more serious note,  Donald Bradman scored 212 runs in 441 minutes in the 5th Cricket test between Australia and England in 1937. Ten years later he was bowled out for a duck.

In 1962 JFK banned all trade with Cuba. In 1966 the first US weather satellite was launched, and in 1967 Jimi Hendrix recorded Purple Haze. In 1978 Australia beat India 3-2 on the 6th day of the final test – India needed 493 runs to beat them and they were all out for 445.

Of course there were other events which occurred on February 3rd, but they pale into insignificance compared to the big issues like the cricket. I'm of the personal opinion that as long as cricket is played, then civilisation as we know it will always prevail.

There wasn't anyone of notable fame or fortune who was born or died on February 3rd. It is in fact a date of very limited significance, unless of course you were born on that date, therefore it would be very significant to you.

Yet something really significant did indeed occur on February 3rd. It was in 2009 and it was my first ever blog post here.

If that doesn't go down in history I'll eat my Panama hat!

So congratulations to me, and, to all the thousands of readers who have graced "Bardiness" during the last three years: I salute you, and thank you very much!

I have learned much over three years of blogging, and I'm still learning.


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