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The (dis)United Nations….



What, one may well wonder, is the United Nations for when two of its permanent members can veto the overriding will of the majority thereby making the organization effectively impotent?

It comes as no surprise that the two in question are none other than Russia and China. Nor is it a surprise that China is keen to rub noses with their Russian neighbours with whom they look forward to strengthening relations, and between them they may hope to be able to contain and influence a wayward and volatile North Korea.

Yet Russia as usual still thinks there is a cold war going on, and as a country which has historically held close ties with Syria, they are keen not to upset the status quo.

They attempt to justify their veto because they fear a repeat of events in Libya and Iraq. They think the west is trying to create regime change, and believe that the US is embarking on a plan of constructive chaos. They fear that a civil war in Syria will inflame the whole region, and subsequently give rise to greater Islamic fundamentalist powers.

RT the global english language Russian news channel is struggling hard to justify their country's decision and extracting obscure academics and sympathetic politicians out of the woodwork to give them credence. It's a desperate and demeaning exercise which undermines the principles of free and independent journalism. It undermines the integrity of the broadcaster and implies that it is a mere propagandist tool more suited to the days of the politburo.

Meanwhile the people of Syria are being systematically massacred whilst the Russian chess masters manoeuvre their pieces around the board. But this is not a game of chess. What, if any, hidden agendas the west may have, the fact is that the United Nations was established for a good reason after WWII, and if it fails to perform then it is no better than the paper tiger which it replaced, the League of Nations – a self styled talking shop filled with useless, meaningless, bureaucratic suits and skirts.

And what does the Russian man in the street think? It's likely that Syria isn't very near his list of priorities. He is part of a growing movement of protesters taking to the freezing streets complaining about corruption, vote rigging and a desire to see the bruiser Putin removed.

As for China, there is little that they do which can surprise. A nation which stores no value on the life of its own people and rides roughshod over human rights can hardly be expected to care about any one elses. Yet China is the new kid on the block, and sooner or later they must realise that they cannot continue to take without giving something back. Nor that they can stand by thinking that the world merely exists to supply their growing and overburdening need for resources.

Due to Chinese influence and expansion in South East Asia, the US is shifting their priorities likewise and increasing their presence in the region to countermand it. This may have much to do with their draw-down of forces in the Middle East. Perhaps this is what makes Russia nervous, because alone and so close to unstable borders, with the additional threat of some kind of Israeli action on Iran, it may be prudent to support the devil you know (like Assad) than the devil who may replace him.

Strange times indeed, and perhaps it is a game of chess after all, albeit a bloody one.


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