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Cameron and Osborne – More Cam than Wise?

Morecambeandwise2Between 1997 and 2010 the nation known as the United Kingdom
suffered the greatest irresponsible government in modern times.

One man more
than any other was responsible, his name was Gordon Brown.

Whilst his boss Tony
may have danced with bravado with his partner George Bush on the
international ballroom floor, it was he, Brown, Chancellor of the Exchequer, who held the purse strings, and
consequently believed that he was Father Christmas.

Money was no object to this
strange caledonian. Indeed, he was the antithesis for a Scotsman, and far from
being miserly he spread his money with charitable abandon. He even gave it to
thousands of tourists.

History will judge him, but unfortunately his replacement is
even more dangerous.

A change of government does not mean a change of intelligence,
and consequently the new incumbents are equally pathetic – the difference being
where one chancellor was a philanthropist, the other is Scrooge.

Indeed, not just a miser, but downright dangerous. George
is the epitome of a public school toff. He is not Gordon Brown but Tom
, the fag of David Cameron, hereby known as Flashman. Yes, Thomas Hughes
clearly knew what he was talking about.

Lets get to the nitty gritty. Through no fault of their own,
people working but on low incomes – strivers not scroungers, but doing their
best, renting because they can't afford to buy a home of their own, are being
systematically attacked, to pay for the excesses and debt which has been
accumulated by years of incompetent government.

Such is the reduction on funding from central government to
local authorities, services have to be cut, and incredibly, people in social
housing will have to pay a premium for having a spare room.

Of course, children
grow up and leave the nest, however, many people regard their council house as
their home, have lived there for 40 years and more, but now they have a space
surplus to requirements. Presumably they will be expected to pay for
the privilege or move to smaller homes. Similarly, the working poor must work
even harder to pay for their survival. The "council house" was a lifeline for many in years past, they raised their family in them, and many regard them as their homes and security (what? Are there no workhouses?).

"The working poor" are a breed of people who are
not benefit scroungers, in the past they would have been know as the "working class" and the nation was built on them. They believe in the ethos of work, and set
examples to their children. They drove the industrial revolution and made their country great – they were the miners, the steelworkers, the shipbuilders and the factory workers – indeed, they were the people embodied by the Olympic opening ceremony which broadcast to the world the industrious hard working people which forged an empire.

Yes, there is a minority of people who can't be
bothered to work and rely on the state, but we now have a government which is incapable of distinguishing between the two.

The working poor are the ultimate victims because their jobs
are insecure, they work long hours, yet, through no fault of their own they see
the cost of living rising, they try to raise families, they find their money
buying less, their rents, food and utility bills increasing and yet they also see
any benefits they are entitled to being taken away.

They are being removed by a government which has lost the
plot, which panders to the wealthy, and propped up by a bunch of opportunist,
weak-kneed Liberal Democrats.

If those Lib-Dems had one ounce of spunk, they
would walk away – right now! In the meantime, the Tories cut and slice, remove funding
from public services, close hospitals, decimate the police, make thousands
redundant from the armed forces, yet has a leader in Flashman which has
the audacity to visit North Africa thinking that he his lord over a country with the
power to offer military support.

The hypocrisy is astonishing. He leads a country that
for the first time in modern naval history doesn't even have an aircraft

I voted for change – but I didn't vote for the unfunniest joke. I certainly didn't vote for Morcambe and Wise!



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  1. I didn’t know much about UK politics but this kind of leaders failed the trust of your people. Shame on them!


    Comment by naiza | February 1, 2013 | Reply

  2. Thanks for the comment Naiza. I was just having one of my occasional UK political rants, so anyone elsewhere would be wondering what on earth I was jabbering on about!


    Comment by Bar De Ness | February 1, 2013 | Reply

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