"..a bardy view!"

Move down ladies and gents – Knife wielding incident at Buckingham Palace!

"They're changing the guard at Buckingham Palace; a man got
tasered and went down with malice"

Having watched the events I was instantly struck by the ease
which it was recorded, and equally impressed by the speed with which it was
posted on YouTube. An instant action which ensured it went viral. It's
everywhere now. Indeed, I'm even writing about it on my humble blog.

Of course, whatever the reason or state of mind of the chap
who was brandishing the smart-phone and recording it, if you're going to do that sort of thing
and seek instant attention, it would make sense to do it at one of the most
popular tourist events in London.

Nobody goes to see the Changing of the Guard without being
pre-armed with a digitial video device or camera phone. Everyone these days has one in
their pocket, they don't even have to think about anything else.

The falsetto voice of the police officer on horseback
instructing the crowds to step back is of particular interest. This is an Essex
girl without a doubt. "Move down Ladies and Gents" is a particularly English approach. It's not dissimilar to the instructions given by the Beefeaters at the Tower of London for those seeing the Crown Jewels "keep moving Ladies and Gents!  

 Imagine that happening with the New York cops – there would have been an instant lock down, and they certainly wouldn't have addressed the observing crowds in the same vernacular!

Speaking of horses, what majestic beasts they
are! Mounted police are a regular sight in central London, and I'm comforted
that the UK Prime Minister hasn't taken his own knife-wielding cuts to them
(yet). Perhaps after this incident he may reconsider his slash, slice and dice
policies towards these officers of the Crown.

I can't discuss this incident further – but I can talk about
the last time I went to Buckingham Palace – April 2012 just before the Olympics.
Getting up close and personal with the palace bars is a major achievement.

A strong
constitution is required, and lots of patience. I found myself constantly
fighting for a view to be able to see the Changing of the Guard, and just a
slight shift of a foot, or occasional turn of the head, could allow someone to
take advantage of the fractional space left behind.

I was getting particularly
agitated with a Chinese chap with a DSLR camera with an eight inch lens, who
insisted on using my right ear as a tripod.

Eventually I lost my patience and politely suggested
that he should stick his camera where the sun doesn't shine. Unfortunately I
was unable to express myself in Mandarin, and he thought that I was just being
friendly. Eventually I resorted to standing on his foot. I think he got the message
after that!



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