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Dan Brown – Inferno

Hell philippines picA restaurant chain in the Philippines has reacted with a marketing coup in response to Dan Brown's new novel "Inferno". 

Unlike the humourless Francis Tolentino, Chairman of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), who has taken great umbrance to one of the book's characters describing his city as "The Gates of Hell".

Tolentino is upset that a fictional character, in a fictional book, views Manila with such disgust and a place where the traffic jams last for six hours, and where prostitution is rife etc etc.

He has even accessed records from the Philippines Bureau of Immigration and discovered that Brown has never even visited the Philippines.

There's a man on a mission – it also beggars the question how he can get his hands on such information – after all is Dan Brown a threat to national security? How is it that this minor official can find out such confidential data?

The MMDA is an agency for "planning, monitoring and coordinative functions" such as "development, transport, waste, sewerage management and disposal, land planning, and health, sanitation and public safety".  

Clearly Mr Tolentino has a lot on his plate and believes that disparaging views expressed in a best selling novel is somehow going to impact detrimentally on his "wonderful" city. Of course he doesnt appreciate his city being portrayed as a "hell hole" but, sadly (and I'm sorry to tell you this Mr Chairman) it actually is! He even remarked that Manila is “really the gate to heaven”.

He’s right in that respect, it really is the gate to get to heaven if the Philippines can be described as such, but the Manila gates of hell must be overcome first.

But back to the restaurant chain, which took it on the chin. Adobo Connection posted on their Facebook page:

"Dear Dan Brown, Hello 'from Hell!' After reading your descriptions of Manila in your book Inferno, it struck us that you may have never been here. To correct this sad situation, Adobo Connection would be delighted to offer you a round trip ticket to visit Manila. You may refund the return leg of the ticket in case you decide to stay. After all, even Hell is more fun in the Philippines!”

This certainly brought them increased publicity and has raised their profile significantly.They've even created a new dish in his honour – "Adobo Diablo"

Sounds like a great title for Brown's next book. Worth reading if only to discover how a nondescript officious prude like the chairman of the MMDA can easily access records from the Philippines Bureau of Immigration.

That's where the real story is. But like all Dan Brown’s books, it will remain an enigma – never to be solved and with a most frustrating and unsatisfactory ending.





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