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The Walking Dead – the 2nd Amendment Showcase….



**Possible Spoiler Alert**

Having caught up with the Walking Dead, after its mid-season (4) break, I am left defending my initial observations herehere and here, back when it all began.

The problem with the drama is that it’s walking in circles. Series one saw the motley group of survivors attempting to find somewhere safe to live. Series two found them on a farm which got overrun and they had to leave, getting dispersed in the process; series 3 found them in a prison; and series four sees them overrun, back outside, and dispersed yet again.

Throughout, akin to Game of Thrones, no character is safe, and finds themselves summarily dismissed from their role and free to find somewhere else for their dubious acting talents.

Both the WD and GoT are a godsend for those who make a living as an extra. In the former case, whoever gets killed on the show turns into a zombie, so in order to give them absolute relief, they must be either shot in the head, axed in the head, knifed in the head, or have the head removed entirely, normally by a sword.

In fact the only guaranteed recurring role must be as an extra, because he or she can easily play another zombie. Unlike the main characters who may get a brief return as a mindless walker should they be unfortunate to “turn”, but as the part is limited, the decent thing is to decapitate them and put them out of their misery once and for all.

It is a gore-fest of violent unadulterated murder. It is also a glorification of the gun, be it a state of the art assault rifle, a bog-standard pistol or, as in one of the latest episodes – a tank.

It also panders to the doomsday preppers, who can use the fear of an apocylype scenario to justify their accumulation of weapons. This show is the best free advert the American gun lobby and National Rifle Association could ever have hoped for. The NRA, in conjunction with the 2nd amendment supporters, believe it is the right of every citizen to bear arms in order to protect themselves.

Never mind that mass killings take place with disturbing regularity in the US, be they in schools, the work place or shopping malls, their argument is that if the perpetrators know that teachers, security guards etc had weapons also, they would be less likely to commit the act. Indeed, some advocate allowing schoolchildren to carry guns – that would solve the problem.

That argument is actually extended in The Walking Dead. Children in this show are actually carrying guns, encouraged to do so by their elders, and use them with ruthless accuracy. If this was portrayed in any other drama, there would be uproar – but it’s ok in The Walking Dead, because they are not actually killing people – they are killing zombies, and they are already dead. It is this convenient anomaly which permits scenes of extreme and gruesome acts of violence, which even the kids can join in.

 “But it’s just entertainment” I hear some of you shout. “Lighten up!” Yes, it’s entertainment, if that’s your idea of it. But this show has followers, millions of them, who are engrossed by it, and voice their approval on social networks, forums, and comment sections of every review article in the online press. The Walking Dead has been adapted from the graphic comic of the same name, with a loyal cult readership – now that it has entered mainstream television, it has been opened to a global audience.

At the beginning of this article I said that the series was walking in circles. The repetitive nature of the threat of a zombie lurking in a house, or a wood, or a store, about to jump out and devour an unsuspecting survivor loses it’s suspense factor eventually. We know what’s going to happen, and if it doesn’t happen then, it will surely happen later. But we don’t care about that, we just want to see the inevitable violence which will ensue. It’s violent pornography without the sexual abuse, and that, I suspect is what gives the audience it’s cheap thrill.

There are of course lengthy periods of emotional dialogue, generally to do with relationships, discussions about finding supplies, and dealing with other groups of survivors who are always regarded with suspicion.

Humanity seems to have taken a back seat to base survival, and perhaps that element is the only thing which holds the tenuous thread of justification for the show. How do we cope in a world where everything normal has collapsed? How do we survive? How do we organise and implement order? Yet, throughout the series, I have not heard anyone discuss these questions: Why did it happen? How did it happen? And nobody has offered a sensible argument about seeking answers.

Indeed, there are no scientists or intellectuals amongst the survivors. With the exception of a Veterinary Surgeon and a cop, every one else is a composite of the average Joe. Where are all the smart folk? Were there any in Atlanta to begin with? Is the zombie apocolypse unique to Georgia? Are there zombies in Alabama, South Carolina and Florida? (Don’t answer that!)

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If you live in Georgia, how do you feel about your state being represented by mindless creatures wandering aimlessly? I don’t mean the zombies!



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  1. Riveting read as always. I love the way you turn it around into owning a gun Statesides.Frankly I never watch this type of junk and it puzzles me how anyone does?


    Comment by spookmoor | February 12, 2014 | Reply

  2. Your description of “The Walking Dead” should provide many people with a lot of food for thought. Thank God for our fathers and forefathers who survived the horrors of world wars, depression, and oppression to bring us up in a world without fear — only to have the powers that be plunge us back into one. It has been a long time since I’ve been to Atlanta, but as one recovering from small disasters such as a torn knee and eye, I am very grateful that “The Walking Dead” is not real, as I have no armed children to protect me.
    Although I have never seen “The Walking Dead,” I understand a bit of its concept, and why it exists. So much evil, death, and destruction are embraced by the masses under the guise of entertainment are by design. It seems that whenever a movie or television show becomes successful with everything in place – perfect storyline, script, cast, crew, set, etc., the competition heats up. Networks and programmers design series that tend to mimic movies and television programs in a trending effort to grab a piece of the market share on the coattails of a proven success. Hence, a plethora of current programs that involve vampires, witches, criminal minds, forensics, bones, wars, and now the walking dead.
    It seems that in today’s world there is not enough money to be made by promoting peace, love, and social grace. There is no reason to promote family, unity, or community when it is more profitable to split the public into individual markets that can be easily shared and manipulated by the powers that be. That means creating tv programs with children carrying guns along with subliminal messages without thought or consideration beyond the entertainment factor. After all, there are a lot of jobs at stake, and a lot of extras to employ.
    The daily news has a history of describing reality in far more horrible detail than any baby-gun-toting-techno-fake-dark tale of the dead that I’ve ever seen. In the journalists’ world, reality is described in headlines that scream the credo, “If it bleeds, it leads.” Under the headline is “the story does not air without being cleared with an attorney first.” This is the world where reporting half truths becomes common, and the victim’s right to privacy no longer exists.
    After reading a recent UK news article about the crime and the sentencing of two radical homicidal maniacs who ran down an innocent man only to butcher him in the street for fifteen minutes of fame, I was totally appalled. Appalled by it all.
    If I’ve learned anything in this life, it is this: History has proven repeatedly that all the gun laws in the world can not and will not protect innocent lives from warring factions or sick murderous minds any more than the armed children of “The Walking Dead” can protect Atlanta from all the zombies.


    Comment by charlino | March 3, 2014 | Reply

  3. Very well put Charlino, you’ve summed up the situation perfectly. The days of the Waltons are long gone sadly. Such is life. Thanks very much for your comment.


    Comment by Bar De Ness | March 3, 2014 | Reply

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