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Supermarkets, Globalisation and Marmite – a Caveman Perspective….

Marmite1Regular readers of this humble blog will know that I advocate the Paleo Diet aka the Caveman Diet.

The fundamental truth being that prior to the arrival of agriculture 10,000 years ago, man, ie homo sapiens, and even his ancestors in one hominoid form or another, ate only fresh meat, fish, wild vegetables and fruit.

He did this for at least 2.5 million years. Starch, wheat, yeast, grain and cereals, milk, butter and cheese simply did not exist.

They did eat eggs, but only by sneaking up on a nest and nicking them.

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The Stone Age Diet….

The Paleo Diet

Since I began this in earnest 10 factors have become apparent.

*1. Reducing salt in the diet is not difficult *2. Reducing bad fats is not difficult

*3. Reducing sugar is not difficult *4. Reducing wheat and carbohydrate is not difficult

*5. Protein and vitamin intake is natural *6. Sourcing fresh food is not difficult

*7. Reducing milk and dairy is not difficult *8. It is not expensive

*9. It reduces weight *10. It does not result in hunger pangs.

I decided to embark on this diet because I know that too much salt in our bodies is the biggest health problem today. Yet almost everything we buy if freshly sourced  meat, fish, vegetables or fruit, is laced with too much salt. I also know that if something is sold as low fat, it will generally have more salt. Anything sold as low salt will have more fat, and anything which says it is low in fat and salt, will have more sugar. The combination of all three, which is merely a merry-go-round, are just clever tools for the food manufacturers to play with.

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Back to the Stone Age…..

StoneageI have been concerned of late about the amount of salt in the western diet, and how difficult it is to avoid in the food we buy.

There is no question that salt is a contributor to heart disease, hypertension and anxiety, and that saturated fats and refined sugars clog up the arteries or lead to obesity.

In combination they are the curse of the western world, and responsible for most of modern man's ailments.

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