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The Walking Dead – the 2nd Amendment Showcase….



**Possible Spoiler Alert**

Having caught up with the Walking Dead, after its mid-season (4) break, I am left defending my initial observations herehere and here, back when it all began.

The problem with the drama is that it’s walking in circles. Series one saw the motley group of survivors attempting to find somewhere safe to live. Series two found them on a farm which got overrun and they had to leave, getting dispersed in the process; series 3 found them in a prison; and series four sees them overrun, back outside, and dispersed yet again.

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Game of Thrones

Game-of-ThronesAs usual I have arrived late to the party.

In this instance the "Game of Thrones" which is aired on Sky Atlantic.

I must admit I shy away from mythological fantasy, especially if penned by such questionable luminaries as J R R Tolkien, C S Lewis, and dare I say, J K Rowling. (Notice how each author initialises their moniker!) 

So not being a Sky subscriber I was ignorant not only of the TV production but also the author who inspired it – George R R Martin (two initials in that one – must be a winning formula) from his collection of epic novels entitled "A Song of Ice and Fire".

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The Harlem Shake – Choreomania

There used to be a medical term for this: St Vitus’ Dance.dancing plague_0

There’s an outbreak of exhibitionism going on, which involves people losing their sanity and gyrating like demented chimpanzees.

Also known as “Dancing Mania“, it was a social phenomenon that particularly occurred in Europe during the 14th and 17th centuries. It involved groups of people dancing erratically.

It’s also been known as “epidemic dancing” and scientists described it as a “collective mental disorder”“collective hysterical disorder” and “mass madness”.

Historically previous records indicate that they took place in times of hardship.

There were also suggestions that people suffered from some kind of poisoning, stress, or tension caused by natural disasters – a collective shared stress, and many danced to relieve themselves of the stress and poverty of the times. Another popular theory is that the outbreaks were all staged.

Yet here we are in the 21st Century and a similar thing is happening. What is possessing seemingly normal people to behave like blithering idiots, from a plane load of people hysterically dancing in the aisles at 30,000 feet, to miners underground in Australia – most of whom have been fired as a consequence? Why would people risk losing their jobs, ignoring health and safety, just to expose themselves as a bunch of lunatics seeking attention on the internet?

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Solar Superstorm and Asteroid 2012 DA14

SunwikiAnother end of the world scenario hoves into view – not
quite Armageddon but one which will cause much inconvenience.

The warnings of a
solar superstorm are particularly relevant today.

They occur every hundred years or so and the last one was back in 1859. The world was in gas-light
then, and industry was powered by steam.

There was no telephone network, cellular or otherwise,
and the only satellite in orbit was the Moon.

So no aircraft, no GPS, no computers, no internet, and no
electricity, ergo no power stations.

Yes, solar superstorms happened in the
past, but it would merely have been a storm in a teacup.

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The Walking Dead, Doctor Who and the Waltons…

The-walking-dead1If you haven't seen episodes 3 and 4 of the third series of The Walking Dead then this post may well spoil them for you – then again, the
very word "spoiler" fits the show to a tee. It is incredibly

We were mercifully spared from the motley crew of "heroes" in the third episode which is the subject of this post, (episode 4 is just too gruesome to
discuss right now) and attention was directed at a sword wielding amazon who
tugs around her chained and mutilated zombified brothers.

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The Walking “Dread”…..


"The mindless creatures having their heads smashed in are already dead – so that's ok then – no harm done!"

I've recently watched the first two episodes of The Walking Dead series three.

Episode one in the 3rd series was a gore-fest of dead people being murdered. I've said before (see Bardiness Walking Dead) that the whole premise of this show is to transfer violent computer games into mainstream television.

In fact rarely have I seen such violence, blood and guts. But it's ok – because the people having their brains smashed in are already dead – walking dead. Let’s return to the beginning. Good cop wakes up in hospital after being shot, and discovers that the world is inhabited by zombies. Through a series of adventures, the "normal" folk strive to survive under constant threat of being eaten.

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Richard Dawkins – the Prophet of Atheism

Are atheists nice people? I ask because if Richard Dawkins
is representative of them, then they are decidedly dislikeable. Indeed, if atheism
was a religion he would be its chief prophet.

A prophet, incidentally, whose only message is that when you're
dead, you're dead. That's a prophet with a hopeless case and certainly not my
idea of one.

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Neil Armstrong – A Personal Memory……

Neil armstrongI was thirteen years old when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon.

Just like every young person and every adult, I was engrossed in the event.

I grew up with comic books. There were no computer games, and television was limited. As kids we played outside most of the time, and comics fuelled our imagination.

Children's programmes would be mainly puppet shows: Fireball XL5, Space Patrol, Supercar – but by thirteen I'd long grown out of them. By then I was into Marvel and DC comics.

I developed an interest in astronomy, and when I was eleven I got hold of a Tasco Refractor. This opened up a whole new world.

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An Anglo-Aussie Olympic Game Changer……

Olympic cauldronHeatherwick Studio is the company responsible for the torch phenomena at the London Olympic Opening Ceremony.

As the days pass, the technical vision and skill of the display is being increasingly praised and recognised.

From his King's Cross studio in London, Thomas Heatherwick, the designer of the copper cauldron said “We were aware cauldrons had been getting bigger, higher, fatter as each Olympics happened and we felt we shouldn’t try to be even bigger than the last ones.”

The fantastic elegant design has been described as "imaginative and ambitious and the most complicated cauldron ever built."

Yet, credit should also be given to an Australian company called FCT Flames who contributed their knowledge to Heatherwick's concept (see how they did it at the end of this post).

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Brilliant, Bonkers and British.

They said they could never top the Beijing Olympic opening ceremony. They said that the Brits should not even consider trying. The Chinese had more money than sense, and threw it all into a precision regimental display of human mass, with more fireworks to tilt the world on her axis, and enough drums to cause  a quake. The Earth moved in 2008.

No don’t try to better it, just make it different! Well, the London 2012 opening ceremony was different, and it was better. How does a nation, with so much history, that has had so much influence in the world, tell her story in 3 hours?

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