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Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead…….


The Walking Thrones. Or is that the Game of Dead? I’m confused.

These two dramas have captured the imagination of press and public, and I’m not sure what I’m watching any-more. Having said that, I like the Walking Dead purely because of it’s US 2nd Amendment agenda, which encourages and gives right to the American citizen to bear arms.

In the event of a zombie apocalypse, those with guns will survive. It’s a grand shoot ’em up, and the beauty of it is that they can happily fire away, comforted in the knowledge that their targets are already dead. A gorefest of violence, justified as survival. In between we find a disparate and dysfunctional motley array of individuals who find it impossible to leave Kansas…or is that Georgia? Does it matter?

By contrast the Game of Thrones is pure fantasy – a cross between Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicas and the legends associated with the Sub Roman-British Dark Ages. Hence why British thespians are keen to play a part – however small, however short.

Being pure fantasy anything is possible. Sex, violence, tribal war, torture and political intrigue all play a part, and in essence the author George R R Martin sourced much of his research with the War of the Roses. Yes, the infamous Red Wedding scene described as too extreme for audiences to handle was based on historical records. Fact is stranger than fiction.

I’ve only just finished the latest series of the Walking Dead. This drama encourages young people – children no less – to carry guns and use them – a veritable plethora of hand and semi-automatic weapons.I seriously worry about that portrayal.

Sure, they use them to defend themselves against the rampant zombies – but I find it extremely disturbing that this is acceptable drama, and it can only encourage sections of the US public to ingratiate their children with the gun.

My point being that a drama designed for entertainment, surreptitiously aids the gun lobby, the NRA, and as children will be watching, enthuses them to emulate the scenario. I regard this as the height of irresponsibility. Some kids may emulate Superman and think they can fly – most are sensible enough to know that Superheroes are fiction – but in the Walking Dead, the message is a child can legitimately carry and use a gun. This is dangerous territory.

By contrast, guns are not present in the Game of Thrones (for all the violence), and most people know that dragons don’t exist. It is pure entertaining fantasy, in a fantasy world, populated by fantastic people. That’s the difference.

The Walking Dead is a survivalist’s dream. A nightmare in the modern world, where the survival of the fittest is key. There is no room for the weak in this world. They are surplus to requirements. After this length of time, isn’t it time that it projected a positive agenda? Or expressed some intelligent dialogue of predicament? No, it carries on, shooting, blasting, worshipping the power of the gun – in the name of entertainment.

Perhaps we expect too much from it, and should watch it purely for what it is – science fiction and popcorn fodder. But here’s a thought. After four series not one protagonist has discussed the way of the world, nor addressed the question of circumstance, nor attempted to analyse the predicament, investigated, or sought solution. Not one theory has been expounded.

It’s time to bury the dead.

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The Walking Dead – A Game of Scones


Catching up with the last episode of The Walking Dead our intrepid heroes have all managed to make it to “Sanctuary”. The usual convoluted strorylines have played out, with back stories of the main characters, indeed, this is becoming a soap opera, the difference being that the ever present threat of dangerous dead people are forever present.

It’s reached the stage that the enemies are not zombies, but real people. It’s an interesting development, and necessary to fill out a simple survival tale. The survivors have resorted to basic animal instincts to survive, for in a world of Zombies, nobody can be trusted, chaos ensues, and basic instincts akin to mediaeval times take control.

How much more shock can we endure. As I have mentioned in other posts, the Walking Dead is an excuse for gory violence on a grand scale. Children either commit murder or are victims of it. Adults teach the children how to fire arms. Messages are written in the blood of zombies because pen and ink are not available. Which is quite astonishing, because when the survivors raid a shop they never pick up any sensible things like writing instruments. They often find tinned fruit, and seem to have an unlimited supply of matches to light a fire.

They have been wandering around Atlanta for four seasons now, and the weather has been ambient. The most sinister villain was English – The Governor – ok, he was played by an English actor – and a nasty piece of work he was. But he was the smartest because he knew about local government control – mad, but focused – a bit like Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London (I was going to say without the crazed look in his eye…but on second thoughts…!)

Unfortunately David Morrissey (said Governor) completely flipped his lid and went rampant on a gorefest of murder and mayhem – resulting in his own demise. It’s strange that if he had kept his head (and his eye patch) he would have been a great leader – after all, in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king! In the Land of the Zombies he would have been Emperor!

Still, David at the mid-season break was killed off, and our motley crew of survivors were scattered to all points of the compass.

It’s a sad loss – a villain true was Morrissey. I equate his demise to the execution of Richard Sharpe in the Game of Thrones. I mean whatisname….(long pause).. Ned Stark aka Sean Bean (or vice versa).

Focus for Gawds sake!

On the subject of Game of Thrones….hang on, that’s a different post! Meanwhile, back in Atlanta, our heroes were dispersed but seem to have all met up again in a strange place which offers safety. Of course, there’s a lot more to this than meets the eye, and something sinister is afoot. I don’t really know what it is – I’ve never read the comics (oops, I mean “graphic novels”) but it looks like the hero Rick (English actor Andrew James Clutterbuck aka Andrew Lincoln) has found his mojo and is about to unleash hell.
What would Hollywood do without the English? Indeed, what would Game of Thrones do without us?
On which subject, I must make an observation. Surely if the zombie apocalypse happened in London, we English would have created some order by now – you know – contingency, bureaucracy, trade, pen pushers, administration, home guard, colonel Blimps etc? How about the Women’s Institute and Salvation Army? After all, we all like a brass band and a cup of tea with crumpet. A Game of Scones! Clearly Atlanta isn’t ready for all that.

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The Walking Dead – the 2nd Amendment Showcase….



**Possible Spoiler Alert**

Having caught up with the Walking Dead, after its mid-season (4) break, I am left defending my initial observations herehere and here, back when it all began.

The problem with the drama is that it’s walking in circles. Series one saw the motley group of survivors attempting to find somewhere safe to live. Series two found them on a farm which got overrun and they had to leave, getting dispersed in the process; series 3 found them in a prison; and series four sees them overrun, back outside, and dispersed yet again.

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Solar Superstorm and Asteroid 2012 DA14

SunwikiAnother end of the world scenario hoves into view – not
quite Armageddon but one which will cause much inconvenience.

The warnings of a
solar superstorm are particularly relevant today.

They occur every hundred years or so and the last one was back in 1859. The world was in gas-light
then, and industry was powered by steam.

There was no telephone network, cellular or otherwise,
and the only satellite in orbit was the Moon.

So no aircraft, no GPS, no computers, no internet, and no
electricity, ergo no power stations.

Yes, solar superstorms happened in the
past, but it would merely have been a storm in a teacup.

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Forbrydelsen….The Killing

250px-Forbrydelsen,_DVDSince BBC4 began showing European crime and political
thrillers I've been hooked. They started with Wallender, the Swedish morose
detective who carried the careworn wear and tear of debilating anxiety, whose
heart condition wasn't helped by his general lack of fitness.

He drinks and
smokes, carries a paunch, lives by the sea, has a complicated private life
but survives with his trusty dog. He can't wait for his retirement, but at the
same time knows that once he takes his pension it could set him off on his long
slow decline. Still, I like Wallender because he's a seasoned old miserable
git, with rare displays of compassion and emotion.

Then there was Spiral (Engrenages) the hard hitting series
about the sleazy underbelly of Paris and the rather suspect methods of the
French police. Certainly not Midsomer Murders this one. Our anti-hero Captain
Laure Berthaud
is another character beset by emotional problems who walks the
fine line between right and wrong in order to get to the truth. In fact modern day police methods here are
not dissimilar to the Sweeney's (circa 1974). Spiral is not for the squeamish
and Laure is on constant edge, always under suspicion by her superiors, and
beset by colleagues who are equally loose cannons.

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The Walking Dead, Doctor Who and the Waltons…

The-walking-dead1If you haven't seen episodes 3 and 4 of the third series of The Walking Dead then this post may well spoil them for you – then again, the
very word "spoiler" fits the show to a tee. It is incredibly

We were mercifully spared from the motley crew of "heroes" in the third episode which is the subject of this post, (episode 4 is just too gruesome to
discuss right now) and attention was directed at a sword wielding amazon who
tugs around her chained and mutilated zombified brothers.

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The Walking “Dread”…..


"The mindless creatures having their heads smashed in are already dead – so that's ok then – no harm done!"

I've recently watched the first two episodes of The Walking Dead series three.

Episode one in the 3rd series was a gore-fest of dead people being murdered. I've said before (see Bardiness Walking Dead) that the whole premise of this show is to transfer violent computer games into mainstream television.

In fact rarely have I seen such violence, blood and guts. But it's ok – because the people having their brains smashed in are already dead – walking dead. Let’s return to the beginning. Good cop wakes up in hospital after being shot, and discovers that the world is inhabited by zombies. Through a series of adventures, the "normal" folk strive to survive under constant threat of being eaten.

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The Walking Dead…It’s OK…they’re stateside!

The Walking Dead is a new US drama series currently showing on the UK’s Channel 5.

With a slight nod to The Day of the Triffids, a cop wakes up in hospital to an apocalyptic world overrun by zombies. Whilst he was in a coma, most of the populace have been infected by a disease which has effectively turned everyone into walking dead people with a penchant for eating fresh flesh.

They don’t eat each other, because they have a sensitive sense of smell and steer clear of putrid meat. Very sensible in my opinion, after all, who knows what nasty bacteria they could pick up, and as there are no doctors left, they would probably get quite ill. What could be worse than a sick zombie?

So they wander around aimlessly, unwashed, muttering grunts and groans, covered in torn clothes splattered with blood and guts, and generally behave very aggressively. It’s just like Manchester on a Saturday night after the pubs have closed. Although in this case it is Atlanta. I’ve never been to Georgia, and quite frankly I’m not likely to after this.

Fortunately there are some people who have not been infected, which is good news for the zombies because they can look forward to a decent fresh meal now and again. Unfortunately their table manners are quite atrocious and any decent zombie should be horrified at participating in such a gory meat-fest, but again, after a few pints they probably lose their inhibitions just as any drunk does when consuming a doner kebab.

Our intrepid heroes (the sober ones) spend most of their time getting into situations which they should be avoiding. After all, if you are surrounded by a bunch of drunken yobs, it would make sense to keep a reasonable distance. How much more so if those yobs were actually flesh eating monsters who will tear you apart?

Common sense has escaped these “normal” folk, but considering they suddenly discovered a world invaded by adolescent screenplays written by equally gormless writers, perhaps we can forgive them.

I quite like zombies. They exist en masse, without a care in the world, have no conscious thought but act on instinct, make a nuisance of themselves without worrying about the consequences, eat anything as long as it’s meat, can take a salvo of bullets without complaining, and still get up and carry on in the comforting knowledge that they are Americans.

How is it, I ask myself, can the survivors manage to arm themselves with an arsenal greater than North Korea, have access to fuel to drive their 4×4s and luxury RV’s, and instead of driving off to the coast and commandeering ships to sail away to somewhere sensible, they would rather just fart around blowing the brains out of the undead?

The Walking Dead is an excuse for extreme violence, and fuels the gun culture of the US, but because the victims who are gunned down with relish are already dead – it’s perfectly OK. Right?

It could be argued that this is nothing more than an insidious attempt at introducing the carefree violence of computer games into mainstream television.

Maybe the game is already out there, in which case the couch zombie is alive and well.


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