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The Baby Boomers…….



If you were born between 1946 and 1964 then you are officially a “baby boomer”.

You’re as old as 70 and as young as 52 – assuming you’re reading this in 2016.

Baby Boomer is the term used for the generation born during the 18 years after WWII, which by all accounts changed the world and has become responsible for all the ills of society.

The first batch of boomers heralded the age of the teenager and the swinging sixties. A sixteen year old born in 1946 would have sailed through the austere 1950’s, would have abandoned Bill Hailey and the Comets, Frank Sinatra and the balladeer crooners, rejected their parents hand-me-downs, and embraced 1962 with pop music and liberation. Cliff Richard and the Shadows were the face of the young and around the corner loomed the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. Even Elvis was getting old hat.

Their parents by contrast were the generation which suffered in the depressing thirties, and then went off to war.

Indeed their parents before them would have gone through the First World War, and they certainly would have had no concept of being a teenager – they would have left school at 12 or 14 and then went to work – there was no room for anything else.

By 1966 our hero or heroine Рthe subject of this post and first born boomer Рwould be 20 years old, fashion conscious, sexually liberated, rocking to Mick Jagger or rebelling along with Bob Dylan. Later he or she would have a good job, money in the pocket, and an access to university long denied from the forebears.

Their peers would have their minds and horizons broadened and take to the streets to protest about the Vietnam war, join CND and march to “Ban the Bomb”. They were the “have it all” generation. If they didn’t get great jobs, they would still get good jobs – jobs which they could secure for 35 years and retire comfortably.

Such was their opportunity; they bought houses, raised families, and became more affluent than any generation gone before. They went through a period of relative peace (in the UK at least), did not fight any wars, and were not conscripted for national service, and even the threat of nuclear Armageddon and cold war politics fazed them not.

Our twenty-year old pot-smoking hippy (who danced at Woodstock), became either a bog-standard pillar of the establishment or found his way into the echelons of society –¬† and if he didn’t become a captain of industry he took a seat in Parliament responsible for the very society he had fun to reject.

The mantra of Roger Daltry and the Who – Hope I die before I get old – was just a juvenile distraction.

Our first baby boomer has retired now. He has even escaped the austerity cuts and his pension is secure. His life was one of incredible social change and privilege which saw a National Health Service, a welfare state, security, peace and financial wealth.

But is he happy? He has seen the erosion of values, the erosion of community, the destruction of the nuclear family – all factors which held his parents and grandparents together.

Our sixties teenage angry young man now complains about the lack of values, waxes lyrically with nostalgia and regrets sentimentally about his parents generation – moans about the state of the nation, deplores the loss of standards, and castigates the young with their disrespect and irreverence for authority.

He wants to bring back hanging and flogging, he wants to incarcerate them, he wants to punish them with the full force of the law.

In 1966 he didn’t want to know about 1945 – he didn’t want to know about the hardships his parents suffered. What he wanted was a comfortable life.

Well he got it – so the best thing he can do now is stop being a hypocrite, and stop bloody moaning.


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Barrack Oh – Bummer! Come on England!!

Just a few hours before England play the USA and some thoughts from a less enthusiastic rampant football fan.
Englandflag No I am not flying the Cross of St George on my car, nor out of my windows. I have not painted my face or carpeted my lounge with fake grass (yes, some of even done that!). 

Had the volume of patriotic tat purchased in the shops been made in England, I may have bought something in solidarity. Yet it is all made in China and most of the junk will be thrown in a bin sooner or later.

Such is the national fervour even the English flag is now flown over 10 Downing Street. What the Scots and Welsh think of it is anyones guess, but as everyone in the country appears to have gone mad, it's only natural that the Prime Minister's house follows suit.

Even Tesco are selling condoms called "66" in honour of the country's victory 44 years ago. No doubt many will be utilised in either joy or remorse, and I wonder if they have a built in penalty shoot out mechanism should passions exceed extra time if England reach the finals.

How this will impact on the population in nine months should they be faulty is anyones guess, but no doubt the baldy beer-bellied parents will say they did it for England anyway and heck, it was a good night regardless.

On a personal note I hope England trounce the yanks good and proper. I like Americans but I want the English to kick Barack O Bummers arse into touch. This arrogant, opportunist president doesn't like the British. That was made clear when he removed the bust of Winston Churchill from his office. Recently he has been Brit-bashing because of BP – a multinational company whose investors are almost half his own people.

When the gas guzzling super-power wants oil they tend to invade other countries for it – but now when it's being delivered to their own door they're still not happy.

When things go wrong it's always someone else's fault – its the Obama syndrome. He deserves a good barracking.

So to paraphrase Winnie – Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duties, and so bear ourselves,
that if  England and the World Cup last for a thousand years, men will still say, this was their finest

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