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The Philippines – Keep off my Buko – Vita Coco!


"I'm not a mathematical genius, but I know about coconuts, and I know that the average young coconut holds less than a litre of water – but let's suppose, for argument sake it actually does hold a litre."

The Coconut Market Information Center (CMIC) states that Vita Coco "the US best-selling coconut juice brand" has partnered with the Philippines company AgriNurture Inc (ANI) to build a new coconut juice production facility in Camarines Sur.

This $5m facility will have an eventual output capacity of 36 million litres of juice each year. Notice the change in definition – not water but juice.

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Coconut Water (part 2)…

Coconut Followers of this blog will be aware that I have a bee in my bonnet about coconut water.

I wrote a Wizzley page about it recently, which has garnered substantial interest.

Meanwhile I was looking at my Squidoo lens on coconut harvesting and saw a Google adsense link to coconut water. I clicked on it out of curiosity and it brought me to a UK company selling the magic nectar.

"Coconutty" says in their blurb "There’s a revolution happening – from Madonna to Rihanna, from marathon runners to premier league football teams, coconut water is now becoming mainstream. More and more people are opening their minds and mouths to the incredible hydration of pure coconut water. Once the secret of the tropics, coconut water is now being embraced everywhere as the new sports drink of choice."

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