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Water water everywhere, and not a drop to drink…..

WaterAid_logoI've just received my half-yearly water bill of £200 from Thames Water, which works out at £1.00 per day.

I don't know if I live in an average household (I suspect not) but the shower is used at least three times a day, the dishes washed twice, the washing machine used once, the bog flushed at least ten times, and the kettle filled at least twice, and maybe some veggies boiled once.

Strangely enough, the amount of direct tap water drunk is minuscule in comparison. I haven't included watering the plants or the garden, because that's not everyday, nor even the number of times a day the molars get brushed and gargled. 

As for dripping taps (faucets) there may be a wasted pint here or there, but that's nothing that a good rubber-washer couldn't stop. I certainly don't waste water washing the car because that's what car washes are for, and besides, you get a polish and buff thrown in. And who uses water for washing windows nowadays? That's what Mr Muscle is for. In fact, I doubt I have seen a window cleaner cycling around with a ladder, bucket and shammy for over twenty years. 

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